The power of 3

Genesis United Methodist Church

What is P3?

P3, which is our nickname for the Power of Three, is our church's campaign to challenge you to look beyond yourself and expand the ways you give your time and talents to the church. We believe that Genesis UMC will take its mission as a church to the next level when all of us commit to spending an hour growing in our discipleship each week in the areas of:


Small Group


We ask all of our members to prayerfully consider making their commitment to this program. Each person who makes the P3 commitment will be assigned to a Guide. This person will support them, coach them and resource them. The guides will coordinate with the Staff to ensure that everyone has as many opportunities for worship, small groups and missions as possible. 

Our vision is that Genesis becomes even more alive with people actively seeking out ways to be in mission, searching for meaningful small group opportunities, and making sure that they enjoy being in worship every week. As we take our discipleship to the next level, we will shine Christ's light for others and become a more inviting church.

To find out how you can get plugged in to our missions, small groups, and worship, CLICK HERE.